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The Power of Thought (Paper Back Book)

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I wrote this book with you in mind, I wrote this book for the young adult that's going through life and not sure which way to go and how to get there. Life is moving so fast for some of us and you may not have the time to read a 300 page book that makes you sleepy after 5 minutes of reading it. So I purposely made this book short and sweet but VERY INFORMATIVE and IMPACTFUL. In this inspiring book, I let you into my mind and share some of my life experiences and my principles to success. I consider myself to be a "Street Connoisseur". I grew up in poverty and as far as I could remember I've always been fascinated with the street life and being involved in street life activity. Some would say its a miracle how I've made it this far, but as I reflect on my past life, I realize that with the help of Big Man upstairs and few principle I've picked up along the way is the reason I'm here today sharing this information with you. One of those key principles that I've learn is the importance of having a Positive Attitude and showing Gratitude, are some of the key ingredients for not only having but also maintaining a prosperous life. I want to challenge you to open your mind to a whole new perspective and new way of thinking, because if you continue to think like you've always thought you will continue to get what you've always got. In this book I share some of my personal stories written in an easy-to-read conversational style suitable for all readers. The Power of Thought touches on the importance of not overthinking and trusting your feelings to be the roadmap to lead to a successful life. If you read this book and practice these principles I lay out on a daily basis your life will be changed forever.